Britain’s Got Talent 2019: Adam and Rosie’s secret advantage revealed ahead of live show?


Britain’s Got Talent’s semi finals kick off tonight and viewers will see Adam and Rosie, an acrobatic figure skating duo take to the stage to perform. spoke exclusively to the pair about taking part in the show and what can be expected from their routine tonight. 

During the conversation, they also touched up on their previous experience and teased a secret advantage. 

Adam is a professional ice skater and Rosie a professional acrobat and gymnast, this skills combined means they have the ability to transform roller blading into something extraordinary. 

“Well people can say it’s similar; roller skating and ice skating, but the are two completely different disciplines,” Rosie defended. “They might have similarities but they are completely different.” 

Adam added: “I’ve got a lot of experience as a pair skater on ice which is very similar to what we’re doing now. 

“I was never doing the tricks at the level I do with Rosie because I never had a partner with the abilities Rosie has. I feel very lucky to have her as a partner.” 

It comes after the pair said it took them three months to learn their audition routine, suggesting they were complete novices. 

Speaking on Lorraine earlier this morning, Adam said: “We started training in November and the audition was in January. We trained for three months for that routine, hundreds of hours, a lot of work. 

Rosie learnt it very quickly, [she] had never staked in a pair before she met me.” 

Nevertheless, tonight they are hoping to impress BGT’s fans with their semi final performance. 

Adam spoke about the rehearsals they’ve had yesterday and today: “There was a couple of hiccups the first time we ran the number, being on the stage it was quite daunting but the rehearsal today has been really good. 

When asked what people can expect, he divulged: “So I don’t want to give anything away, we’re just taking it up a few more levels. 

“The main takeaway from tonight, is Rosie and I are really going to battle, but not with other contestants but we’re going to battle with each other. You’ll have to see who wins!” 

They also spoke about the danger element which is associated with their act and Adam said: “What we’re doing is so dangerous, it can do wrong so easily. 



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