BREXIT LIVE: Cable could make it Lib Dem policy to REVOKE Article 50 – ‘It’s tempting'


Sir Vince said switching policy from demanding a second referendum to outright revocation of Article 50 was “tempting” and could happen by the autumn.  Speaking to Sky News on a visit to Gibraltar, Sir Vince said he a move to withdraw the UK’s formal request to leave the EU could be necessary unless steps to instigate a fresh vote were under way before 31 October.

He said: “If we get through to October and there hasn’t been any agreement in Parliament and we haven’t had a vote on the referendum, then we may be faced with that situation.

“We may be faced with a cliff-edge where we are back again to the risk of crashing out or revoking Article 50, and we might have to do it.”

Pressed on whether he would be able to make further headway in the European parliamentary elections with an immediate demand for “revoke”, he said it was not yet the right moment.

He told Sky News: ”It’s tempting, but I think as long as there is time to have a referendum, and I think there is, the only way of resolving this issue in a way that brings the country together, is to have a vote on it.

“We got into this through a referendum and I think it’s the only way we’re going to get out of it.”


10am update: Farage questions Johnson’s Brexit stance

Nigel Farage said he did not know where Boris Johnson stood on Brexit amid claims he could support the Tory leadership hopeful becoming prime minister.

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon claimed on Friday that Mr Johnson as PM backed by Mr Farage would be a “nightmare” for Scotland.

But the Brexit Party leader laughed at the suggestion and questioned whether he could trust the leadership favourite.

Mr Farage said: “Would I trust Boris Johnson?

“Boris wrote in his column repeatedly that Mrs May’s new treaty was vassalage – that we’d become a slave state – and I rather agreed with that analysis, even if his language was more colourful than perhaps what I would use.

“Then, on the third attempt, he voted for it. So I’m not quite sure where Boris stands on all of this.”


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