Brexit betrayal: Boris refuses MPs' demands to publish private memos in bombshell move


The Prime Minister branded the Commons’ demands as “unprecedented, inappropriate and disproportionate”, according to The Times. Mr Johnson added that MPs were to blame for the “real failure of democracy” as the result of the EU referendum in 2016 had not been honoured.

The memos were reportedly between Mr Johnson and his advisers.

It comes as Parliament published documents yesterday which outlined the shortages the UK will face in the event of a no deal Brexit.

The planning documents confirmed that Britain would face shortages on food, medicine and fuel after a no deal.

The secret analysis was labelled “Operation Yellowhammer” and was demanded by MPs after The Sunday Times leaked extensive leaked details last month.

The documents revealed that Mr Johnson’s Government fear extensive delays at the border which could last up to three months.

The Court of Session in Edinburgh ruled that Mr Johnson’s five-week suspension of Parliament was illegal.

A row broke out in court leading to an unnamed official questioning the fairness of the Scottish courts.

Business Minister Kwasi Kwarteng said: “Leave voters are beginning to question the impartiality of judges.”

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Scottish National Party MP Joanna Cherry branded the comments disgraceful.

She wrote in The Times that questioning the courts is “the kind of behaviour one would expect in a dictatorship”.

More to follow…


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