Breaking Bad movie TRAILER: Is Walter White ALIVE in Jesse sequel El Camino? – WATCH


The hit TV series may have ended in 2013, but the Breaking Bad universe continues to expand. Spin-off prequel Better Call Saul is four seasons in on Netflix and now a Breaking Bad movie is landing on the streaming service this October. Announced with a trailer and poster this weekend, El Camino is set right after Breaking Bad and focuses on what happened to Aaron Paul’s Jesse Pinkman next after Walter White helped him escape. The first trailer doesn’t include Jesse but is a brief scene of Skinny Pete being questioned by the cops as to his whereabouts.

Skinny Pete claims he has no idea where Jesse is and wouldn’t tell them even he did.

Breaking Bad fans will remember that in series finale Felina, the meth cook was forced to work against his will before Walter White tackled him at the Aryan Brotherhood’s HQ and triggered the M60.

This killed almost everyone, mortally wounding Walt, who then shot Jack in the head before Jesse strangled Todd.

Jesse then couldn’t bring himself to kill Walt even though he asks him to and drives off in Jack’s car before Walt collapsed and died in the meth lab.


So as mentioned, El Camino is set in the direct aftermath, with the Netflix movie’s poster showing Jesse speeding off in Jack’s car.

Interestingly, El Camino translates “The Way”, so perhaps the film will act as something of a redemptive epilogue for the troubled Jesse.

But could Walter White have somehow survived that final scene and be back in a shock return?

Our best bet is no. He looks very much dead in that final shot of the TV show.


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