Brazilian model’s husband will be charged over her drowning death


The husband of a Brazilian model who fell from a yacht and drowned in a raging storm will be charged with manslaughter for ignoring warnings about rough weather, police sources said Tuesday.

Jorge Sestini, 37, is accused of setting sail on a 16-foot catamaran with his wife Caroline Bittencourt near Sao Paulo on April 29 despite a forecast of dangerously high winds that reached more than 60 mph, police sources said.

The 37-year-old model, who also worked as a TV presenter, likely wasn’t wearing a life jacket when she was pulled from the vessel, according to local detectives.

Sestini — who jumped into the ocean after her in a failed rescue attempt — will be hit with criminal charges for “negligently” putting her life at risk, according to the detectives.

“We believe Jorge risked the life of Caroline and himself when he apparently ignored warnings about the impending bad weather,” São Sebastião Civil Police detective Vanderley Pagliarini said.

Leonardo Oliveira, the owner of the marina where the couple set sail, told police he warned Sestini twice not to depart, Pagliarini said.

“It appears Leonardo warned Jorge on two separate occasions about the conditions at sea and about tempestuous winds in the channel through which he would have had to navigate on his return journey,” Pagliarini said.

Police are waiting for Sestini “to present himself at the police station” and he will then “be charged,” another police source said.

Initial reports noted the model had jumped into the ocean to save her two puppies but her family later refuted that, saying the dogs were not on the boat.

On Tuesday, they clarified, saying the pooches were onboard but hadn’t caused the tragic drowning.


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