Boy, 2, died after falling from window 'seconds after mum left him playing'


A two-year-old boy died after falling from a faulty window just seconds after his mum left him playing in an upstairs bedroom, an inquest has heard.

T-Jay Dedman was found by a passerby on the pavement outside their friend’s house in Tuebrook, Liverpool.

His mum Chelsey Wall said it was “literally seconds” after she came downstairs that she heard a knock on the door, the Liverpool Echo reports.

T-Jay, described by his mum as “always happy,” died on November 23, 2018, six days after the horror fall from the first floor window.

At an inquest into his death on Wednesday, the court heard how T-Jay had been playing with a two-year-old girl in the box room of the house.

A woman saw T-Jay and knocked on the door at around 4pm, at which point the emergency services were called.

T-Jay was rushed to Alder Hey Children’s Hospital with a fracture to his skull, with his condition described as serious but stable.

However, tragically, despite treatment to alleviate pressure on the youngster’s swollen brain, he began to suffer from multiple and repeated seizures.

He sadly died on November 23, surrounded by his loved ones.

Two-year-old T-Jay Dedman who died in hospital


The inquest held at the Gerard Majella Courthouse heard how Miss Wall was visiting a friend and her three children when the tragic incident happened.

During the visit Miss Wall was left in charge of the four children, while her friend went to the shops.

T-Jay was reportedly playing with another two-year-old little girl in a small box room, while a nine-year-old child was playing on his Playstation in his bedroom.

Miss Wall, who was with the two youngsters, was then called downstairs by her friend’s seven-year-old daughter, to help with a gingerbread house she was building.

Senior Coroner Andre Rebello said: “From the statement Chelsey made, she was trying to get the children out of the bedroom and on to the landing when she was called downstairs to assist the seven-year-old girl who was making the gingerbread house.”

Miss Wall told the court she had been downstairs “literally seconds” when she heard a knock at the door.

Mr Rebello added: “A member of the public knocked on the front door.

“She had found T-Jay outside on the pavement, crying and it appeared he had fallen out of the window.”

The toddler died on November 23, surrounded by his loved ones


The court heard how the house, which is a rented property, had a faulty window in the room where the youngsters were playing, which Miss Wall did not know about.

Following the incident Merseyside Police carried out an investigation and it was found the window had a broken restrictor, or safety catch, which would have stopped it from fully opening.

However the window, which was reportedly closed, did have a lock, which had to be pressed in and then the handle lifted to open.

Coroner Rebello said it was hard to know “what position the window was in before T-Jay fell”. However it was reported as faulty to the landlord two weeks previously.

Efforts had reportedly been made by the landlord to fix the window in that time, but a suitable day had not been agreed with the tenant.

No criminal proceedings have been brought.

Coroner Rebello said what happened to T-Jay was a “tragic accident” and recorded an accidental death.

He added: “It is very difficult in two years to go from one of the happiest things you can do, to have to bury a child.

“During that time there will have been so much joy and happiness that should never be forgotten because that was T-Jay, not the tragedy and trauma that has occurred since November.”

Miss Wall, who was supported in court by members of her family, told the court she “will never forget” him.

Outside court the 26-year-old, who has since moved out of Liverpool, told the ECHO : “T-Jay changed my life.

“Life is dull now.

“He brightened up every day.”

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