Boxing news: Tyson Fury reveals why he's copied Deontay Wilder preparation for Otto Wallin


Tyson Fury is not taking any chances in his pursuit of a rematch with Deontay Wilder and the 31-year-old believes a victory over Otto Wallin on Saturday will make a rematch more likely.

Both fighters are without a loss on their professional record, with Wallin boasting 20 wins from 20 fights with 13 knockouts, while Fury has 28 wins and one draw from 29 fights, with 20 of them being knockouts.

And Fury admitted he is not underestimating his opponent and insisted he has trained as hard for this match as he did when he faced Wilder.

“I don’t underestimate anybody. I give everybody the ultimate respect,” Fury said.

“Even if I’m fighting a guy that has had 20 fights and lost 20, I will train for him like he’s had 20 knockouts in a row. I never fail to prepare.

“I’ve trained hard for this fight, as hard as I trained for Wilder, as hard I’ve trained for anybody. I’ve not overlooked him.

“I’ve been in America for five weeks training, I was in Spain for two weeks before that and I was training at home for two weeks before that.”

However, when the two meet at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas on Saturday, Fury will have a height and most likely a weight advantage over Wallin.

The ‘Gypsy King’ stands at 6ft 9in and in his previous match against Tom Schwarz weighed in at 18st 7lbs, whereas Wallin who is 6ft 5in, recorded a weight of 16st 2lbs when he beat Nick Kisner in April.

Despite the possible physical advantages Fury admits that facing Wallin, who is a southpaw, has its difficulties.

“I’m as strong as I’ve ever been, I feel very fit and very accurate,” Fury added.

“We’ve been working on different things in the gym. He’s tall, a southpaw and a defensive fighter. That always is a challenge.

“But I’ve never met a challenge I couldn’t defeat, I’ve never met a mountain I couldn’t climb and I’ve never met a man I couldn’t defeat – and he’s no exception.”

When the two fight this weekend it will be on the anniversary of Mexican Independence and Fury revealed it was his decision to bring the fight forward so it would take place on the national holiday.

To mark the occasion the lineal heavyweight champ even wore a Lucha Libre wrestling mask to his public workout on Wednesday.

“I wasn’t supposed to box on this weekend. I was supposed in New York in early October,” he said.

“But when we heard that [Saul] Canelo Alvarez wasn’t going to be fighting on Mexican Independence weekend, I thought ‘Damn, what a shock’.

“This has been a special weekend for boxing in Las Vegas for many years. I thought the Mexican people are not going to have a main attraction, a main event, so I need to step in.

“So I brought my fight date forward four weeks.”

A victory for Fury over Wallins, who is three years younger than the Brit, could then setup a rematch with Wilder in 2020.


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