Boris Johnson to give NATO allies inspiring speech – ’one for all, and all for one’


The Prime Minister’s words will echo the famous phrase of ‘The Three Musketeers’ by renowned French author Alexandre Dumas. Mr Johnson will remind the allies that their commitment to NATO has helped keep people across the globe safe since its inception in 1949. He is expected to say: “Seventy years on, we are rock solid in our commitment to Nato and to the giant shield of solidarity that now protects 29 countries and nearly a billion people

“The fact that we live in peace today demonstrates the power of the simple proposition at the heart of this alliance: that for as long as we stand together, no-one could hope to defeat us – and therefore no-one will start a war.

“This essential principle is enshrined in Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty – that if any one of us is attacked, all of us will go to their defence.

“If Nato has a motto, it is, ‘one for all, and all for one’.”

Leaders from the 29 NATO member states will meet at The Grove, a country house near Watford, for the NATO summit on Wednesday.

The Prime Minister is set to make these comments during Wednesday’s meeting.

Whilst at The Grove, the leaders are expected to consider new threats, including in the areas of cyber and space, after the the alliance last month declared space as one of its operational domains alongside air, land, sea and cyber.

Mr Johnson’s speech will have pointed resonance from French President Emmanuel Macron.

Mr Macron was accused of playing the role of agitator-in-chief in the run up to NATO’s 70th anniversary preparations in London on Wednesday.

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Mr Macron later acknowledged in a tweet that his statements had “triggered some reactions” but said he stood by his remarks.

The leaders attended a reception at Buckingham Palace, hosted by the Queen, on Tuesday evening and visited Downing street.

Her Majesty could be seen flanked by the NATO leaders in the infamous family photo, taken at Buckingham Palace.

Trump confirmed on Tuesday the NHS will not be on the table during UK-US trade talks.

He said he “never even thought about” including the health service in future talks.

Mr Johnson said he could “categorically rule out” that “any part of the NHS will be on the table in any trade negotiations”.

The Prime Minister added pharmaceuticals were also included.

Trump also said he had “no thoughts” on the upcoming general election.

He told reporters that he was willing to “work with anybody” and that he did not want to “complicate” the December 12 poll.


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