Boris Johnson squirms as Sophy Ridge grills him on the ‘worst thing he has ever done’


Boris Johnson spoke to Sophy Ridge to discuss the upcoming election and how he plans to resolve Brexit. However, Ms Ridge also pressured to the Prime Minister to keep his promise on explaining the worst thing he had ever done. Mr Johnson answered the worst thing he had ever done was cycle his bicycle on the pavement but later added that was the “naughtiest thing he was prepared to admit.”

Ms Ridge said: “The last time we spoke I asked you what the naughtiest thing you had ever done.

“At the time you said to me, I will make you this promise that if I can think of some answer about the naughtiest thing I have ever done that is both interesting and not terminally politically damaging I will try and provide it next time we meet.

“Well, here we are, you have had a lot of time to think about to think about.”

After some protests, Mr Johnson replied: “I did promise to think about it but I have been so busy trying to get Brexit done.

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“Come on, help me out here guys, what is the naughtiest thing I have ever done?

“I may have sometimes done something when I was riding a bicycle every day which I used to do.

“I may not have always obeyed the law on about cycling on the pavement.

“I want you to know how firmly and strongly I disapprove of people who cycle on the pavement.

Earlier in the interview, the Prime Minister admitted he was nervous and “fighting for every vote” ahead of the poll.

But when asked if he would resign if it did not go his way, he replied: “The choice on Thursday is unbelievably stark, it’s between going forward with a one nation Conservative government that can get Brexit done.

“Or spending the whole of next year in a complete paralysis with two referendums, one on Scotland, one on the EU when Jeremy Corbyn cannot even tell us what his position is on Brexit and who is going to campaign for the deal that he proposes to do.”


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