Boris Johnson reveals Nigel Farage tried to ‘recruit’ PM hopeful during pub meeting


The Tory leadership hopeful was speaking at the final hustings before Conservative Party members decide whether to opt for Mr Johnson or Jeremy Hunt as the UK’s next Prime Minister. But Mr Johnson delivered the bombshell after admitting he would rule out any form of Brexit Party alliance following a general election. According to the Daily Telegraph, Mr Johnson said: “We met for a Cold War-style meeting.

“He tried to recruit me and I tried to recruit him and we both failed.

“I was a journalist at the time and I think he was a metals dealer.”

The revelation came as Mr Johnson and Mr Hunt put their final pitches to members during the event.

Mr Johnson attempted to rouse the members by promising that the UK would be better under his leadership.

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He said: “I know people are down in the dumps about our party, but the darkest hour comes before the dawn.

“We can do this!

“We are going to come back and we are going to win!”

Despite his rival being the overwhelming favourite, Mr Hunt still believed he could mount a late surge and win.

He told the audience in London: “Vote with your heads as well as your hearts.

“This race is much closer than people think.”

Around 164,000 Conservative members will decide who replaces outgoing Prime Minister Theresa May.

The result will be announced on July 23.


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