Bill Clinton visits Dominican Republic amid spate of tourist deaths


Health crisis? What health crisis?

Former President Bill Clinton apparently isn’t losing sleep over the recent spate of tourist deaths in the Dominican Republic – heading to the island nation to soak up some sun.

“Welcome, Bill Clinton, to the DR,” tweeted José Tomás Pérez, the Dominican ambassador to the US, on Wednesday. “Your presence is the best message to the American people and to the world about [the] safety and security of our tourism.”

The message captioned a photo of Bubba posing for a selfie with a female fan inside the Tortuga Bay Hotel in Punta Cana.

The trip comes as 11 American tourists have died under mysterious circumstances in the Dominican Republic over the past year.

While the most recently-confirmed death — that of Georgia man Tracy Jerome Jester Jr. — has been attributed to natural causes, at least some of the deaths are suspected to be linked to a tainted batch of bootleg liquor.

Additional reporting by Daniel Cassady


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