'Be HONEST and upfront' Labour MP SNAPS at Campbell during BBC spat – 'Breaking DEMOCRACY'


Labour MP Lisa Nandy clashed with Remain supporter Alastair Campbell during a heated BBC debate over Labour’s Brexit stance. Ms Nandy claimed the People’s Vote campaign needed to be open and say they want “to stop Brexit”. Speaking on BBC’s Politics Live, she said: “All of the criticisms you have levelled at the leadership of the Labour Party, I would level at the People’s Vote campaign.

“I have a lot more time and respect for this campaign if you were just honest, and upfront, and said ‘we want to stop Brexit’.

“Actually, it is in the gift of Parliament to do that and you could lobby MPs to do that.

“What you can’t do is go back to people, in towns like mine, who were asked in good faith if they want to be in the EU or not? And they said ‘no we don’t’. And they still don’t.

“And then say to them ‘well we are going to give you a second go at this, that you didn’t ask for and you don’t want and give you two options on the ballot paper which you consider to be different versions of Remain which you have already rejected’.

“We are breaking our democracy and there has to be a better way through this.”

Mr Campbell, who has repeatedly called for there to be another Brexit vote, replied: “I think what is going on now is breaking democracy.

“When the biggest issue of our time, you have a Government which is utterly dysfunctional, and more divided than any cabinet we have ever seen.

“And you have a Labour Party which I think is playing games on this.”

Labour’s National Executive Committee met on Tuesday hammer out its position on whether to demand another Brexit vote as part of its campaign for the European Parliament election next month.

The Labour Party has previously said its position is that it would only back another referendum to prevent a “damaging Tory Brexit”.

The Government have been in negotiations with the Labour Party and on Monday, May’s de-facto deputy, David Lidington, said the meeting was “productive” and “positive”.

The cross-party talks are now expected to run into next week, according to The Times.

The UK will be expected to take part in European elections if the Prime Minister cannot get a deal through the Commons before May.


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