BBC Weather: Britain set for WINTERY showers as ARCTIC air floods across nation TONIGHT


BBC Weather forecaster Louise Lear said the wintery showers seen over Scotland on Thursday could be set to continue as bitterly cold air pushes in across the nation. Ms Lear said: “This cold Arctic air is now starting to flood across the UK. It will take its time doing so. So, still ahead of that cold front in the milder air. That front will continue to steadily sink its way southwards overnight. A blanket of cloud nestling across southern England.

“But as it does so, clearer skies to the north of that. We still keep a few showers up in the far northeast of Scotland.”

The BBC Weather forecaster warned there could be a light frost on Saturday morning as temperatures sit around the freezing mark for much of the UK.

Ms Lear added: “A chilly start to Saturday – perhaps some early morning sunshine. But it won’t be long before the shower clouds start to develop and the brisk northerly wind really is quite a feature.

“That’s going to drive in some showers along that east coast. With gusts of winds of 45mph to 50mph, that’s just going to exacerbate that cold feel.

“And it will drive some of those showers further inland as we go through the afternoon.

“So, the further west you go, perhaps lighter winds here and as a consequence fewer showers and with a little more brightness we might see temperatures at 14C.

“But certainly it will feel cold on that east coast, particularly with significant exposure.”

High pressure will start to push its way eastwards on Saturday night and into Sunday, which means fewer showers across the UK on Sunday.

The BBC forecaster said Sunday will be the best weather-wise over the weekend despite a fair amount of cloud.

Ms Lear said: “But it should stay dry with lighter winds with the exception of the far north of Scotland here with still a risk of a few showers. Highs again of 10C to 13C.

“Almost a case of spot the difference on bank holiday Monday.

“There is the potential risk of a few showers into northern England, Lincolnshire and into East Anglia. We will need to keep a close eye on that.

“And again those temperatures only sitting around 8C to 13C. So, that’s down on where they should be for this time of year.”

But Ms Lear warned there will be a change in the weather into next week to wet and windy weather across the nation.

The Met Office has also warned the bitterly cold air hitting the UK could bring temperatures down to as low as -3C as “wintery and thundery” showers hit northeastern areas of the UK.

Met Office meteorologist Alex Deakin said: “We’ll see more showers coming in on this northerly wind, and it’s that northerly wind which will bring a chill through the weekend.

“It will continue to bring a fair few showers around as well and it’s going to bring more of a frost as we go into the weekend as well.

“Gardeners take note, these are the temperatures in urban areas but in rural spots quite widely we could be down to freezing, maybe in some places as low as -3C.

“So it is going to be a chilly start to the long weekend, it’s not really going to warm up much throughout the weekend.”


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