BBC Weather: Britain set for 10-day heatwave as Indian Summer hits UK – prepare for sun


BBC Meteorologist Matt Taylor gave an enthusiastic weather prediction for the country, saying that it would be a “fantastic Friday almost UK wide”. Meanwhile, a BBC long-range forecast predicted warmer air to last for the next 10 days. The forecast said: “Temperatures will be noticeably warmer than recent days for the southern half of the country.” Looking ahead to next week the long-range forecast stated: “High pressure is expected to dominate next week, blocking any low-pressure systems from reaching the UK. This will keep things calm, dry, and settled with warmer air feeding in from the southwest. By midweek and for the rest of the week and weekend, the cooler polar air will be pushed off to the east by building high pressure, bringing temperatures back above average.”

Commenting on the outlook for this weekend, the BBC’s Mr Taylor said: “It could be a damp start for southernmost counties of England but it will brighten up through the morning. It will be a struggle all day long across the Channel Islands.”

For the rest of the country, however, “blue skies virtually all day long”.

He said: “A few showers will come and go in western and northern Scotland, but enough of a brisk breeze pushing through quite quickly before the sunshine returns.

“It won’t be quite as humid as yesterday, it’s a slightly fresher day.

“But this afternoon sunshine will arrive, 16 to 21 celsius.”

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He said: “Northern Ireland and southern Scotland will see a little bit of rain at times though there will be a lot of dry weather too.

“Temperatures tomorrow actually up on today’s values, up to around 23 degrees in the south-east corner.

“And mid to high teens across parts of Scotland and Northern Ireland.

“To the north of Scotland, some sunny spells.

“To the south of England, the sunshine continues with temperatures around 25 degrees.”


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