BBC question sparks conspiracy theory as to why Sajid Javid wasn't at Trump banquet dinner


Sajid Javid revealed he “doesn’t know” why he wasn’t invited to Donald Trump’s state banquet dinner. The Tory leadership contender claimed he has asked Number 10 why but did not receive an answer, other than being told an invite “doesn’t always” go to the Home Secretary. BBC Today Programme host Mishal Husain asked: “Do you know yet why you weren’t invited to the state banquet?” Mr Javid replied: “Well I don’t know. I’ve asked but I was just told normally home secretaries aren’t invited, so I don’t know.”

The BBC presenter remarked: “Really? I mean you were the only holder of a great office of state who wasn’t invited.

“There were several other Cabinet ministers who were. Michael Gove for example, Penny Mordant. How do you feel about not being invited?”

Mr Javid commented: “I don’t like it, for the reason that you’ve just said. It is odd, my office did ask Number 10 and they said no so you’d have to ask someone from Number 10 why they made that decision.”

Ms Husain questioned: “Do you think it was because of your Muslim background?”, to which the Tory leadership candidate responded: “No I’m not saying that at all, I really don’t know.”


On whether he has received an answer yet, Mr Javid said: “No I haven’t got an answer I’ve just been told what I said, that normally an invite doesn’t always go to Home Secretary.”

Twitter users reacted to the interview, with one posting: “Sajid Javid. None invite to Palace Dinner. It speaks volumes that he didn’t say anything ‘out loud’ before. Impressed by him on, #r4today”.

Another said: “Interesting interview with Javid on #r4today. His “grand offer to Ireland” is insulting nonsense & he demeans UK even suggesting it. His willingness to crash out knowing full well the damage it would cause is stupid & dangerous. He didn’t hide his anger at the state banquet snub.”

A third added: “Now there’s a bit of a worrying reveal – @sajidjavid wasn’t invited to Trump state banquet at Buck Palace and doesn’t know why when other senior cabinet ministers were. Speculation it was bc of his background/past comments. “I don’t like it. It’s odd”. #r4today”.


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