BBC News: ‘He shut him up!’ Louise Minchin shocked as Dan Walker distracted by guest


BBC Breakfast was a seriously cute affair this morning as hosts Louise Minchin and Dan Walker discussed puppy dog eyes.

According to new research, dogs may have developed over the past 1,000 years in order to communicate better with humans.

What’s more, the study goes on to suggest the loving and “sad” look could be a way of manipulating owners into giving them a reward.

To discuss the matter at hand, Dan and Louise welcomed an adorable pooch and his proud owner on to the big red sofa.

Just after a chat with Sally Nugent, the camera cut to the presenters and Dan seemed to be particularly engrossed with pet, Oscar.

The golden dog was getting a lot of attention from the 42-year-old, who took to stroking him enthusiastically, allowing Louise to continue with the segment. 

Sally yelled as viewers got their first full glimpse of little Oscar: “Dan’s not listening!”

Dan admitted: “Sorry, I just… I got distracted by Oscar.”

Louise explained the pooch was on the sofa in order to discuss the matter of dogs being manipulative. 

Dan laughed: “Yeah, you’re manipulating us, Oscar!”

For the rest of the interview, Dan was incredibly distracted and allowed Louise to take the bulk of the questioning.

At several points, he found himself completely in awe of Oscar and couldn’t tear himself away from the pup.

Louise seemed to be completely taken aback by Oscar’s effect on Dan.

She said: “Oscar has actually shut him up!”

“I’ll give you some attention,” Dan cooed.

Yesterday on BBC Breakfast, Dan Walker called out Boris Johnson for his “embarrassing” TV debate absence. 

He caught up with James Cleverly MP who was doing the press rounds on behalf of the current favourite to take over from Theresa May.

However, Dan wasn’t happy to hear the candidate wouldn’t do press and took to calling him out.

He said: “One of the other questions, which I would love to ask Boris Johnson and I’m sure many interviewers would like to do it if he came forward as an interviewee, is to look at his record,” Walker began explaining. 

“And you see one of the reasons Mr Cleverly, I’m sure you’re aware of this, people think that he’s not taking part in these interviews and these debates because he’s worried about the awkward questions and he’s worried about embarrassing himself when you ask about his record about being sacked not once, but twice for lying. 

“Once as a journalist for making up a quote and once as a Tory spokesman after misleading his party leader Michael Howard about an extra marital affair. 

“This – and politics is very much about trust and scrutiny, isn’t it – how can we trust somebody who we aren’t able to scrutinise and ask about those things that he’s done in the past, this man who wants to be Prime Minister!” 

BBC Breakfast airs weekdays on BBC One at 6am.


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