AOC rips Fox’s Kilmeade for comparing border facilities to a ‘big party’


Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who toured border detention centers with a group of Democratic lawmakers on Monday, blasted “Fox & Friends” host Brian Kilmeade for comparing conditions at the facilities to a party at a house with few bathrooms.

“Hey, @kilmeade: What was the last “party” you went to where you: – Were locked in a cage under armed guard – Drank out of a toilet – & given food of such poor nutritional value, for so long, that it gave you mouth sores?,” the freshman lawmaker wrote on Twitter Tuesday.

Kilmeade and the other hosts of the Fox News’ morning show were discussing a report in the Washington Examiner that said Ocasio-Cortez yelled at Border Patrol agents after talking to a family in one of the centers.

“Here’s the thing​,” Kilmeade began. “Picture yourself, you have a house, family of five. You have a party, you have 30 people over. Maybe you have a big party and you have 100 people over and you have two and a half baths.​”

​With 100 people “it would be a little taxed. … Can you picture 5,000? You can have the best facilities in the world but they are so overstocked. Six hundred and seventy thousand have come here illegally already.​”​

Kilmeade responded to Ocasio-Cortez in a Twitter posting, arguing that the migrants aren’t held in cages, but “dividers that​ @BarackObama​ engineered 2 separate unaccompanied kids from adults ask​ ​@DHSgov​ ​- they were never meant to house 690k people in 6 mo’s- Border Patrol R patriots & u have done NOTHING to help, except rant about unverified stories​.”​

​Ocasio-Cortez ​said during her visit she saw migrants drinking out of the toilet a​n​d Customs and Border Protection agents laughing at the congressional delegations.

“What we saw today was unconscionable,” she said at a news conference with other Democrats. “No child should ever be separated from their parents. No child should ever be taken from their family. No woman should ever be locked up in a pen when hey have done no harm to another human being.”


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