Amanda Holden brands Piers Morgan an ‘a******e’ after he ‘turned her life upside down’


Amanda Holden, 48, is good friends with Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan, 54, but the pair previously had a rocky relationship before their time together on Britain’s Got Talent. Back in 2000, Piers exposed Amanda’s affair with Neil Morrissey, 57, while she was married to Les Dennis, 65. In a recent episode of Shopping wth Keith Lemon, 46, Amanda reflected on the moment, telling Keith Piers turned her life “upside down”. The conversation began when Keith quizzed Amanda about the guest list of a party she was attending.

When Keith asked who was attending, she replied: “Angelia Griffin, who I’ve known for like 20 odd years.

“Lisa Faulker [and] Piers Morgan will come,” she added.

“I know Piers Morgan… you’re good friends,” Keith responded.

“I love Piers,” Amanda added before joking: “I’m on my own though aren’t I.”

Keith then said to the judge: “I read that you didn’t like him and then became friends with him.”

Amanda replied: “Because he turned my life upside down when he was an editor of a newspaper.”

“But he was feisty then wasn’t he?” Keith queried, prompting Amanda to joke: “He was an a******e to me.”

Piers joined the Britain’s Got Talent panel alongside Amanda and Simon Cowell, 59, in 2007.

Amanda previously insisted Simon allowed her enemy at the time to join the panel to make “TV gold”.

In 2013, she told The Sun: “If I could have kneecapped or killed Piers without going to prison, then I would have.

“He was a s**tbag. But that’s probably why Simon put us on the panel together – it was TV gold to him to have us at loggerheads.”

But insisting the pair were now fine, she added: “I adore Piers now.”

Despite the pair now being good friends, Amanda Holden addressed why she wouldn’t appear on Piers Morgan’s Life Stories last month.

Piers joined Amanda and her co-star Jamie Theakston, 48, on their Heart Radio Breakfast show to discuss his new series Psychopath.

But, the pair swiftly got on to the topic of his Life Stories series.

Live on air, Piers said he had been trying to get Amanda to sign up the show several times.

She replied: “You already know my life story, you splashed it across the papers.”

Shopping with Keith Lemon continues next Thursday at 10pm on ITV2.


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