'Alien-like' creature with curly tentacles caught off coast of Alaska


A fisherman has caught an eerie-looking sea creature off of the coast of Alaska.

Footage posted by Sarah Vasser-Alford shows the orange animal making rhythmic movements as it extends its long, curly tentacles.

The fisherman then turns the sea creature around to reveal a creepy-looking body with murky ‘blood vessels’ underneath.

The video has left viewers, who compare it to a horror movie scene, mesmerised.

A fisherman caught the creature with curly tentacles and shared a video


Sarah posted the clip last month and it has already amassed over 1.2 million views.

The deep sea creature was found off of the coast of Prince of Wales Island, in Alaska.

One viewer described it as ‘an alien’ while another one suggested that it could be ‘live coral’.

The bottom of the creature’s body

Some compared it to the creature in horror movie Alien


However, the animal was identified as a basket star, which belongs to an echinoderm group known as brittle stars, with a disk-shaped body and five flexible arms.

Others concerned viewer said: “Put it back in the water and let it be!”

“He shouldn’t be out of the water, he can’t breathe!” another commented.

It has been identified as basket star which lives deep under the sea

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Basket stars have highly branched arms that could help them move easily along the sea floor.

They can grow up to three feet long and inhabit the deep sea.


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