A woman said she was raped while serving in the National Guard. She died soon after.

  • Allison Bailey was a North Valleys High student who joined the Nevada National Guard at age 17.
  • The Guard launched a misconduct investigation against her that led to demotion and an “other than honorable” discharge in January.
  • Bailey says a fellow Guard member raped her. Her physical and mental health deteriorated, and she died March 4, six weeks after her discharge.
Allison Bailey, left, and her mother Felicia Cavanaugh pose for a photo in November 2018.

Under the direction of its leader Maj. Gen. Ondra Berry, the Nevada National Guard launched a zero-tolerance campaign in January 2021 to address sexual assault. It encouraged soldiers to report rape no matter how much time had passed and vowed to support them.

That same month, Sgt. First Class Allison Bailey reported being raped twice the previous May and June by a fellow Guardsman of lower rank.

The North Valleys High School student had been steadily rising through the ranks ever since enlisting in Reno for the Nevada National Guard at age 17, when she was still so young that her Air Force veteran mother had to sign for her.

She was a trusted member of the service. The commander of her unit – the medical detachment – is based in Reno, but the unit is located in Las Vegas, where Bailey was its senior noncommissioned officer there.

Bailey’s rape claims were not believed. Instead, her alleged rapist was believed when he said the two sexual encounters were consensual.

Felicia Cavanaugh, left, poses with her daughter Allison Bailey after Bailey was promoted to Sergeant First Class.

Her last performance review before the alleged rapes said she had exceeded expectations, was a natural-born leader and should be promoted before her peers.

After siding with her alleged attacker, the Nevada National Guard used what happened between them as the no. 1 charge in a 22-item misconduct investigation: “Sex with a subordinate.”

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